Internal and External Spring Cleaning

Can you feel it? Can you feel your body, mind and spirit slowly reaching towards the light of the sun?

This is the energy of spring inviting you to open up and expand?

Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth and creation. Life is bursting forth with abundance and it's a time for new projects and activities. When we synchronize our bodies with nature, we align ourselves with the pulsation of life.

Here in the northern hemisphere there are signs of spring everywhere. The days are getting longer and there is more daylight. Robins, geese and loons are beginning to return. If you look carefully, you can see buds and pussy willows on the trees.

Now is the time for spring cleaning, to get rid of the debris that found its way to the surface during those introspective winter months. Spring cleaning needs to be done externally as well as internally. When you clean out what is no longer needed there is room for new growth and expansion.

Much of our life revolves around our home. The environment of our home reflects what is going on in our lives and often in our bodies. There are things that we can do to ensure that there are no pockets of stale, stagnant Qi impeding the flow of energy in our homes.

Here are a few things you can do to enhance that Qi in your house.

Declutter: clutter triggers images of stagnation or stuck energy and places where life doesn't move. Now is the time to have a look around noticing where clutter is blocking the energy in your house: living room, bedrooms, closets. Select one area of clutter and clear it out. Once you clear the clutter you will begin to notice that the area feels brighter and lighter and you may even notice that there is movement once again in your life.

Front doors: A clean uncluttered front door is welcoming for both visitors and energy. Open the front door wide and let the air flow through the house. Wash your front door, the window and the door frame. Don't forget to clean the area all around the outside of door: the leaves, the dirt and those cobwebs. Once the front door is done tackle the back door. This is an invitation for Qi to move freely in your home and your life.

Windows: In Chinese medicine windows represent your lungs. Our lungs create a barrier or boundary between our body and the environment. This is the same with windows, they create a boundary between the outside and the inside wold. As with your front door, open your windows and let the energy flow. Wash the windows, screens, window ledges and all window coverings. Open your windows for a couple hours in the late morning to allow this fresh beautiful Qi flow into your home. It's also important not to block your windows with plants or other objects as this blocks the outside energy from entering.

Corners: Corners tend to be places where life energy or Qi stops. Clean out the corners well. To keep the energy and flowing by placing a plant, wind chimes or a water fountain in the corner to move the energy.

Kitchen: During the winter we spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen preparing warm comforting food. Spring is the time to open it up, scrub it clean and get rid of this stale energy that's hanging around. Be sure to give special attention to your stove removing all the debris from inside the oven, burners, elements and the surface. This will not only brighten up your kitchen, it will enhance the energy of your food.

Now that you have cleaned your external environment, let’s tackle your inner environment.

Today is the Spring equinox! It’s a time when the yin and the yang energies are in almost perfect balance. It’s a time when the light and dark energies are almost equal then Yang energy begins to rise and light get stronger and brighter This time of balance and harmony in the universe, is an ideal time to look at the balance in your life. Do you have a healthy work/play balance? Do you factor in quality time for family and friends? Have you made time in your busy lives for reflection, exercise, communing with nature, and self-care. This coming week, schedule some time to look at the balance in your life and where you could make some adjustments, so that your life has more balance and harmony. When you are in balance our minds are clearer, you more relaxed, you handle situations with ease, and you are more in alignment with the universe.

The cycles and rhythms of life are important to observe. When you are in tune with and aligned consciously with the cycles of nature and the rhythms of life, you find more harmony and balance in your own lives.

It only takes a small investment on your part to dramatically change the energies of your environment, making your home a sanctuary to reflect your highest intentions and dreams. By adding a regular practice of Qigong to your day will help to balance and reboot your energy very quickly.

I would love to hear about your spring ritual and how it makes you feel?

With love, joy and gratitude


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