Stepping into a New Season & New Territory

Are you feeling the changes in the air? How are they affecting you? 

I have been noticing them too.  

A couple of mornings ago, I woke up to a city shrouded in mist a sure sign of seasons changing.  As I stepped out the door, I was happy I had put on a sweater.  In the early morning, there was a distinct chill in the air.  And as I drove to work, I could see that some of the trees are beginning to change colour. 

With the gradual shift from summer to fall, here in the northern hemisphere, also comes the transition from summer holiday to school. As a teacher, I always looked forward to seeing my students and starting a brand-new year with them.  This year, everything is different.

The second sign of change is the energy surrounding the beginning of this school year. Parents have difficult decisions to make and worry about making the right one, children are confused and even scared about returning to school, and grandparents are worried and concerned about the health and safety of their grandchildren. On the other side of the coin, school administrators and teachers face a complicated situation which is creating high levels of stress and anxiety.  

Although I teach in a small school and our clients are adults, we have many of the same protocols to follow as a regular school. My colleagues and I have the same concerns and worries as all the other teachers have right now.  There is so much uncertainty as we step into new territory. 

With all this heavy energy in our communities at the moment, it's essential to maintain a level of self-care. Excessive stress, anxiety and worry can lead to energy blockages that could weaken your immune system leaving you susceptible to illness.  

As a teacher and a Spring Forest Qigong trainer, I have a daily practice of qigong movements to help me maintain my stress level and keep my energy flowing so that blockages don't build up.  

Spring Forest Qigong has one movement, in particular, that is most beneficial in dealing with blockages that may be caused by stress from worry and uncertainty.  This one movement is associated with the earth element, and the season of the late summer it's called 'Connecting the Heaven and the Earth.' 

Practicing this movement for 3 to 5 minutes a couple of times every day will help you to feel more grounded and centred so that you can make decisions with clarity.  This movement activates the endocrine system in a way that brings your entire body into alignment and balance, thus boosting your immune system. 

Use this link to access a five-minute video of the movement, and you choose how long you practice: Connecting Heaven & Earth. 

Let us all stay healthy and strong as we move through these next few months, adjusting to a new way of being.

With love, joy and gratitude, Carolynne

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