Sheryl Lynn

“Carolynne’s qigong classes have been and continue to be a life saver for me. Her generosity of spirit and intuitive instructions have helped me shift my awareness from feeling numb and disconnected to a sense of transformation. With practice I’m embracing a deeper understanding and clarity that brings joy and vitality to my life. It’s with much appreciation and deep gratitude that I say thank you.”

Tracy Lucus

“I initially hired Carolynne to help heal a sick family member. The power of Qigong has not only helped my son, but it ended up enhancing MY life. I have more energy. My relationships with my family members have improved. Financial abundance has improved. My life has a deeper, happier, more peaceful meaning and sense of connectedness to something wonderful. But, the best part is that it's exciting and fun to do and learn. Thank you Carolynne for making my life so much better.” ~ Tracy Lucas

Marie M

“Carolynne is extremely passionate and very knowledgeable in the practice of Spring Forest Qigong. This combination of breathing, movement and meditation helped me immensely. I’ve been battling cancer and find Qigong to be another important tool in the arsenal of treatments I can use. I strongly recommend Carolynne to anyone who is looking for help with any health concerns or would like to learn about Spring Forest Qigong." ~  Marie M

Carolynne Melnyk 



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